Our Proven Process


With over 500 structures under our belt, we've learned what works well and what doesn't. We have a team based approach to building great structures that meets our Owners’ high expectations. Our seasoned team’s experience combined with our proven systems yield predictable results again and again. As we follow these time tested systems, high quality structures and satisfied customers are the result.  

The Project Team:  

The Team approach is the best way to build a home. The team is comprised of the Owners, Architects, Designers, Engineers and the UHB Staff. We all work together to accomplish something great! 

Concept phase:  

This begins by striving to understand the owner’s expectations. Sometimes an Owner knows exactly what they want or at times we work together to bring it out of them. As we collaborate together we are better able to define the desired look and feel of the home that is going to be created. We also define the anticipated project budget together so that we are all moving in the same direction. Next, we help our clients evaluate all of their potential building sites and then work to explain the cost differences between then aside from the price of the lot. This includes site topography, view corridors and site conditions and potential soil conditions that will affect the overall cost of the project that may not be considered when purchasing a piece of land. We also use our experience to help recommend Architects and Designers that will be a good fit for the project. 


Through this phase, we work together as a Team to create and draft the new structure based upon the design and budget guidelines. When the drawings are completed by the Architect, they are then sent to engineering to ensure that the necessary structure meets structural guidelines. Once we have the plans back the plans are submitted to the HOA and the Building department in the municipality in which the structure is to be built. While that is taking place, the design specifications are completed with an interior designer and requests for bids are able to be sent out. Bids are obtained for every aspect of the home and then analyzed by our estimating department to ensure they match the budget and design specifications. We are then able to establish final building costs.  


From here we conduct a pre-construction meeting with the homeowners to establish a final construction schedule and to review all of the project specifications. This involves setting expectations for both the Field Operations and the Homeowner to ensure a cohesive building process takes place. This is also the time that the homeowners will meet the involved UHB Team including the Project Superintendent, Operations Manager, Estimator, and anyone else involved in the creation of the home.  


During this phase, daily site management is performed by the Superintendent through supervising all of the work completed on the site. This includes required inspections, quality control, and meeting with the Homeowners to review the progress. Daily meetings are also held between the Superintendent and the Operations Manager to ensure the schedule and level of excellence is being upheld. This is supplemented by the use of BUILDERTREND which is a website designed to streamline the building process by connecting the homeowners with the building process. Through BUILDERTREND everyone can view photos of the construction progress, approve/deny design selections, approve/deny budget change orders, and so much more.  


Finally, the superintendent will compile and complete a final punch list with the Homeowner to ensure all aspects of the home have been completed to the applicable standards. Once the punch list has been completed, the Homeowners will be given a “Homeowner’s Manual” containing the “Contractor’s Limited Warranty”, house plans marked with emergency shut off locations, any appliance manuals, and various other items that can help with the transition into your new home.